Connect your Email to Levitate

Connecting your Email with Levitate

Levitate works with your email server to send messages directly from your email address. In addition to logging in to Levitate with your Levitate password, you must periodically log in to your email server with your email address and email password in order to utilize Levitate.

When to Connect?

There are a few scenarios that prompt you to enter your email address and email password:

1. The first time you set up your Levitate user: Step 3

2. When there is a disconnection between your email server and Levitate

Note: We recently completed a partnership with AOL and Yahoo utilizing a different connection technology.  AOL and Yahoo users that may be experiencing frequent disconnects are encouraged to contact us to discuss whether this connection technology is right for them and have their accounts switched over.

Connecting your Email to Levitate

Please note that there are various types of email servers. You may be using Google, Office365, Exchange, or IMAP (yahoo, aol, etc).

  1. Click this link:
  2. Follow one of the three to enter your email address and email password:

IMAP / Exchange Servers




When connecting to iCloud, you must first go to and create an app password for Levitate, since all iCloud emails have two-factor authentication enabled. From there, you will use the app password as the email connection password on Levitate.

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