Custom Content: how to request it and how our clients use it!

The Levitate content team prides itself on creating a diverse array of industry-specific, timely, and evergreen content. We also recognize the strategic impact that uniquely personalized content can have on your company’s marketing efforts. That's why we're pleased to offer custom content creation as part of our comprehensive content marketing services.

How it works:

  1. Request custom content from your Customer Success Specialist: To initiate a custom content request for your business, simply contact your Customer Success Specialist and describe your needs. They will book you a brief, 30-minute consultation meeting with our custom content marketing team.
  2. Prepare for your custom content consultation: To prepare for this meeting, consider the following questions:
    1. What is the main goal of your content?
    2. Who is your target audience or specific group you intend to reach?
    3. Are there any specific industry themes, unique connection points, or reasons for outreach that we can leverage to engage your audience immediately?
    4. For HTML or social media content requests, are there any design elements (like colors, logos, imagery, or branding) you want included?
    5. What action/s do you want your audience to take after reading this content (ex: email, call, or book a meeting with you)?
    6. Is there a particular value proposition you want to highlight?
    7. Is there anything else you'd like us to consider while creating your content?
  3. Meet with our Custom Content Specialist: During this meeting, our Custom Content Marketing Specialist will go over the above-mentioned questions with you, as well as gather any other specific information needed to create your unique piece. Following this discussion, you will receive a follow-up email summarizing the conversation, detailing the content plan, and providing a timeline for delivery.
  4. Delivery of your custom content: The typical delivery time for custom content is approximately 7 business days. Here's a breakdown of delivery methods based on the type of content you request:
    1. Email Template: Upon completion, we'll send your custom email content as a Google document link via email.
    2. Social Media Content: Upon completion, we'll email you the copy for your custom social media posts in a linked Google document, with PNG images attached to the email.
    3. HTML Design: Your custom HTML email design will be stored in Levitate. We'll send you a link to view it once it's ready.
  5. The editing process: We are happy to accommodate any revisions you may have. You can either email these changes or directly comment and edit them on the Google document or HTML deliverable. For changes to imagery for social media, please send them via email, and we can implement them for you using our design software. You can email up to three sets of edits via email or directly in the Google document we provide.
  6. Adding content to your Levitate account: Once your unique content is to your liking, our Custom Content Specialist will upload it to your Levitate account. It will be placed in your 'My Templates' for emails and 'Social Media Drafts' for social media content.
  7. Preparing for send: Your custom content is now ready to send! You can grab it from your 'My Templates' section and schedule it with your preferred tags and send date, or work with your Customer Success Specialist to get it queued

How our clients utilize custom content:

Interested in some custom marketing content but not sure where to start? Here are some ways our clients have taken advantage of their complimentary custom content:

  • Business Change Announcements: Our team is here to guide you through communicating business changes to clients, including things like leadership changes, office relocations, and service updates.
  • Specific Referral Requests: We craft personalized requests to tap into your clients' networks for warm lead referrals.
  • Industry or State-Specific News: We can help research and prepare industry or state-specific news to send to your clients and prospects to help establish you and your company as a thought leader.
  • Custom Automation: Let us help you streamline repetitive client communication with personalized email automations.
  • Event Marketing: We can help you enhance your event marketing with customized social media and email drip campaigns to boost attendance.
  • Donor and Volunteer Outreach: If you're a nonprofit looking to maintain stronger communication with your donors and volunteers, we can assist in creating effective donation and volunteer appeal messaging strategies.
  • Custom Prospecting Campaigns: Post convention or organizational event, we can help you ideate, draft, and send a tailored email drip campaign to your list of warm prospects.

Reach out to your Customer Success Specialist if you have any questions or would like more information about our custom content offering.

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