Handwritten Cards Settings & Adding Funds

Updating Writing Style, Signature, & Return Address

To set up a default writing style, signature, and return address for your Handwritten Cards, you'll need to open your Levitate settings section and scroll down to Cards Setting.

Within the Cards Setting menu, you can select a default writing style, signature, and return address. When you're finished, make sure to click Save.

Adding Funds to an Account

Note: At this time, only admins can add funds to an account balance for Handwritten Cards.

To add funds to your account, navigate to the settings section of your Levitate account (see above) and open the admin panel. Under the Cards section in the admin panel, you can view your account balance and click on Purchase Credits to add funds.

You can add funds in any increment. You must check the box that you agree to proceed with this purchase before you can confirm your order. Once you're sure you want to continue, you can click Confirm to add the funds to your account.

If you have any questions about updating your defaults or need help adding funds to your account, please feel free to reach out to your Success Manager.

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