Contacts & Search

In Levitate, users are able to search by tag groups, name, email address, company, and by multiple statuses, key facts, and dates.

Advanced Search

To get more granular in search, like searching by a renewal date or a review date, choose "Advanced Search" on the lefthand side of the Contact page.

From there, you'll see a multitude of options when searching:

Here's what it looks like when searching by Key Fact:

You're also able to search by a status, or by multiple intersecting statuses, like contacts without an email address or contacts that have an alert due for outreach!

You are able to filter contacts by ownership— users can choose to see All contacts (all Shared contacts), the contacts that they own, contacts owned by a specific other user, or contacts that they have a connection with.

Search by tags

Upon choosing 'advanced search' users are able to search by a tag or by multiple, intersecting, tag groups. Tags can also be excluded! What this looks like:

Saving a search?

If you're interested in saving a search query that you created, you'll see the option in the banner above the listed contacts, to 'Save Search.' Upon choosing, you'll be prompted to name the search and save! All saved searches will show in the lefthand menu on the Contacts page.

Searching by Age vs. Searching by Birthdate

In the Advanced Search feature, users are able to search both by Age (as in 'Turning XX Years') and Birthdate (which ignores year and focuses on Month/Date.)

Company tab and Company logic

Companies under the 'Company' tab on the Contacts page are populated by domains associated with contacts. Users with common company domains will be grouped under the umbrella of a company.

Don't want to see companies? Reach out to Support or your Success specialist and visibility for the company tab can be turned of in Settings > Administrative.

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