Email Best Practices for New Clients


Levitate Marketing Experts have compiled Email Best Practices for New Clients. Click here to see the full .pdf. 

Use "newclientmagic".

Haven’t reached out to a contact in months or even years? A random holiday greeting or informative email may come across as odd and out of the blue. Instead, send a check-in noting it’s been a while, or use one of our tried-and-true Levitate announcements. Simply search "newclientmagic" to find the templates we recommend for your first few sends. 

Choose the right audience.

Your best source for generating new business is people you already know. With that in mind, focus your first send on current/past clients, referral partners, etc., instead of cold prospecting. And keep in mind it’s never a bad idea to segment your sends (e.g., sending one email tailored to clients and one tailored to referral partners).

Embrace the personal approach of our emails.

Opening your email with “Hi {{first name}}” makes your email feel more personal. And when you have “Hope you’re doing well” or similar after your greeting, clients will take note. One of the first things to get tossed in our go-go lives is common courtesy and friendliness. Leading with friendliness helps you stand out from the mass-blast masses. 

Trust the subject line. 

Levitate subject lines may seem a bit different than the ones you’ve used in the past, but that’s why they average such high open rates (60%+). Embrace our short, personal-feeling, sentence case subject lines, and you’ll see the Levitate difference firsthand. 

Remember: timing is everything.

In general, avoid sending emails on Mondays or Fridays. Mid- to late-morning is a great time to send, as is 1 p.m. to around 3 p.m. If you have clients in different time zones, it’s not a bad idea to consider that when deciding send time. (For example, if you have clients living in an area one hour behind your time, it’s best to avoid sending during their lunch hour, too.)

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