Action Items

Action Items in Levitate ensure that no task is left behind. Users can set action items associated with specific contacts. Admins can incorporate action items into Automation flows. This is also a great collaboration resource as users can assign action items to each other. On the contrary, Action Items can be set to private and only visible to the assignee. Most email providers allow Levitate to sync these action items to the asignee's calendar. 

Creating an Action Item Manually

Action Items can be created manually from a Contact's Profile or from the Dashboard. They can be created as a single action item or included in a note. Action Items will be assigned to the creator, by default. 

Click the blue Plus Button in the bottom right corner. 

Click the Action Item Icon 

Type the task and choose a related Contact

Assign a Due Date

The creator of the Action Item is the default Assignee. You can delegate this to a colleague by clicking Assign to an employee.

You can also add an action item to a note. If you're adding a note, click the Add Action Item option within the note.

Managing Action Items

Click the Notes & Actions tab on the left-hand navigation bar

Click the Action Items Tab in the middle

You may click any action item for more detail or to make modifications. You can also filter to show your action items or those of colleagues. 

Action Items will appear on the assignee's Action Items page and on their calendar, if supported by their email provider.

Automations: Assign an Action Item as a Step of an Automation

Action items can be included as a step in an automation. For example, day 15 on a New Client Automation could be an Action Item to give the new client a call. When an automation triggers for a contact, all action items and automation steps will be associated with the same Levitate User. 

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