Levitate + Xanatek Integration

Xanatek Connect

Levitate’s integration with Xanatek utilizes Xanatek’s web-based system, Xanatek Connect, to send selected reports to your Levitate account to keep your client list up-to-date. Xanatek Connect is a program you can opt into, even if you still use their IMS system. Xanatek Connect and IMS will share the same database if the Xanatek user hosts their database on Xanatek’s cloud servers. Some users may use a third party application, or their own, to host their Xanatek database. In cases such as this, Levitate cannot integrate with their Xanatek database.

The two options for Xanatek users to use Levitate’s integration are as follows:

  1. If the user hosts their database on Xanatek’s cloud servers, they can opt into Xanatek Connect to be able to use the Levitate integration. The form they can fill out can be found here.
  2. If the user does not host their database on Xanatek’s cloud servers, they can upgrade to do so and fill out the form above.

Table of Contents 

Levitate + Xanatek: What is the Integration?

Who can utilize the Levitate + Xanatek integration?

What does the integration do?

How are contacts organized?

What fields do we pull in?

Which contacts will I see in Levitate?

How does the integration tag contacts? 

How do I set up the Integration?

Levitate + Xanatek: What is the Integration? 

Levitate and Xanatek joined forces to simplify contact creation and management in Levitate. The integration automates reports from Xanatek to Levitate in near-real time, looking for changes. Levitate, turns those reports into your contact list, key facts, and tags, meaning you’ll no longer have to upload manual exports into Levitate and your policy information is always aligned with what’s in Xanaek.

This integration is READ ONLY, meaning Levitate receives data from Xanatek, but Xanatek does not receive data from Levitate. 

Who can utilize the Levitate + Xanatek integration? 

All paid customers in the Insurance industry can use this integration.

What does the integration do? 

Levitate and Xanatek built an integration to keep your clients and prospects, and all their important contact and policy renewal information up to date in Levitate. Once enabled, Xanatek will securely supply Levitate with your most recent contact data, key facts, and tags. Xanatek will update us almost immediately with any changes, keeping your data in Levitate fresh. We create Client tags for contacts with active policies, and tags with their lines of business for focused messaging. The integration also optionally adds contacts from Xanatek without policies to create prospecting lists. 

How are contacts organized? 

Xanatek contacts are assigned to a Levitate User by either the Producer or CSR listed in Xanatek. Levitate refers to this as “Contact Ownership”. One Levitate user can be the contact owner of multiple Xanatek Producer/CSRs.

What fields do we pull in? 

First Name 

Last Name

Physical address

Email address

Phone number

Company name

Job Title

Birthdays (key fact)

Client ID (key fact)

Policy Renewal Date (key fact)

Client vs. Prospect (tag) 

Policies (tag) 

Producer or CSR Initials (tag) 

Additional Options:

Carrier (tag)

Display both Producer and CSR

Which contacts will I see in Levitate?

Primary, and Prospects:

Not archived

Not deceased

Primary Contact

Has active policies


No active policies

How does the integration tag contacts? 

If there are no active policies, the tag Prospect will be applied. In addition to the Prospect tag, we will also add a tag based on the type of client: Personal Prospect or Commercial Prospect. 

Lines of businesses are used to create tags and Key Facts within Levitate. 

How do I set up the Integration?

If you are a Xanatek customer and want to enable the Levitate + Xanatek, just let your Success Specialist know! We will walk you through the very quick integration setup.  

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