December 2021 Releases

29 Dec 2021

Office 365 Initial Send Limit Lowered

Levitate Audience: Customers with Office 365 Email Servers

New Levitate Customers with Office 365 email servers will be setup with a 350/day email send limit for each user. This reduces the likelihood of initial delivery complications. As customers become regular senders, Levitate can increase this threshold to align to their providers limits. Existing Levitate Customers will not be impacted by this update. 

7 December 2021

Schedule a Meeting: Define Daily Timeframes

Levitate Audience: All Customers

When setting up meetings in the Schedule a Meeting feature, Levitate Users can now set specific time frames for each day. For example, you can prevent people from schedule Monday Morning or Friday Afternoon meetings.

6 December 2021

Primary Email Addresses Only

Levitate Audience: Customers with Integrations

Many Levitate customers import contacts from another Client Management System, which can contain multiple email addresses for the contact. Levitate Customer Success and Support Members are now able to import contacts with only the contact's Primary Email Address. 

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