How to insert and link images in an email

Inserting an Image into Email

1. Save the image you want on your computer (desktop is probably the easiest place to find it again)

2. Go to the "Insert" option in the email toolbar and select "Image", which should launch the file browser so you can find the image you saved.

Once you click on the image, you can resize it by clicking on the blue dots around the image corners.

Linking image to a website

1. Select the image you just inserted into the email template, make sure you can see the blue outline around it

2. Choose the "Insert" option in the toolbar again and click on "Hyperlink"

3. This is where you type in the URL of the site you want the image to link to.


Bonus: You can take a screenshot of a video and link it to a video, thus embedding a video in your email!

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