Levitate + EZLynx

Automate your EZLynx reports to Levitate to securely and effortlessly sync your contacts and trigger workflows.  

Table of Contents

What is the Integration?

What does the integration do?

Who can utilize the Levitate + EZLynx integration?

What contact information do we pull in?

What is the Integration:

The Levitate + EZLynx integration allows you to set up recurring scheduled reports for the entire year; by automatically sending to Levitate, we’re eliminating the need to periodically export, scrub, import, and generally maintain your data in Levitate. By syncing on a daily basis, contacts and their policies are evergreen in Levitate.

The Levitate + EZLynx integration does not write back to EZLynx

Who can utilize the Levitate + EZLynx integration?

All Levitate customers on paid (not personal) accounts can utilize this integration. 

What does the integration do?

This integration takes relationship management to the next level for Insurance agents. Levitate transforms contact, policy, and renewal information into birthday messages, renewal reminders, while also identifying prospecting and rounding opportunities.

Levitate keeps your touchpoints authentic, while streamlining the communication process.

Specifically, we automatically ingest your daily reports to target primary contacts, tagging their lines of business. Daily updates allow you to utilize automations and start new client drips and other keep in touch campaigns. 

What do we pull in?

First Name

Last Name


Email address

Phone number

Company name

Job Title

Birthdays (key fact)

Policy Renewal Date (key facts)

Client vs. Prospect (tag)

Policies (tags)