Workaround to Keep Levitate Emails out of Sent Box

Why are all of these Levitate Emails in my Sent Box? 

The native functionality of Levitate speaks directly to a user's email server, requesting the message be sent just like any other email. From there, it's up to the email server to decide where the sent message is filed. Generally speaking, this is the sent box.  

But I Can't Find the Emails I'm Sending from Outlook among the Levitate Emails

While you can't automatically move the Levitate Emails out of your sent box/folder, you can setup a secondary sent box/folder to house all non-Levitate emails. 


In the Outlook Desktop App:
(1) Create Subfolder "Sent from Outlook" in Sent Box
(2) Edit Outlook Email Signature "Lev!t@te" (in white text)
(3) Create Rule in Outlook: "Emails I Send, Including the words "Lev!t@te" in the body, Move the email to "Sent from Outlook" folder.

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