What can I update once a campaign is scheduled?

This article walks through the different components, like signatures, that can be modified once you've scheduled a campaign scheduled. Please note that edits cannot be made once a send is initiated. 

Content / Body of the Email Campaign - Yes, Can be Updated

The content can be updated while the email is in the scheduled status. You can modify your campaign by clicking on it in the content calendar! 

Email Signature - Yes, Can be Updated

The user's signature can be modified while the email is in the scheduled status. If the default signature was chosen while initially scheduling the email, any modifications in user settings will be honored. As well, the user can edit the campaign and select a different signature to be associated with the content. 

Email Signature - Yes, Can be Updated

Advanced Settings can be modified while the campaign is in the scheduled status. This includes follow up reminders and saving the email as a contact note.

Tags - No, Cannot be Updated

Tags cannot be modified once an email is the in the scheduled status. For group campaigns, you can simply cancel the send and reschedule with the ideal tags.

Contacts - Yes, Can be Removed

Contacts cannot be added to scheduled content, but can be removed from scheduled content. This can be done via the Preview/Edit Recipients portion of a scheduled email. 

Contact Ownership - Yes, Can be Updated

Contact ownership of recipients can be updated while content is in the scheduled status. The sender that is already scheduled to send the email will only send to their updated contacts. However, if the new contact owner was not originally scheduled to send an email, the contact will no longer receive that email. This is important to remember for admins utilizing the Send on Behalf feature. 

Updating a send going from multiple Levitate users

If you have a campaign going out on behalf of multiple users, use the 'Edit All' button to go in and edit content, subject line, scheduled time— essentially the list above— for all emails being sent. This serves as an enhancement to the feature, as previously the user would need to go sender by sender and update individually.

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