What is the HawkSoft Integration: 

By enabling the HawkSoft integration, we can automatically pull your HawkSoft contacts, key facts, and tags without having to export the data and upload to Levitate. We check back with HawkSoft every night for changes, keeping their contact list and corresponding policies evergreen within Levitate. 

This integration is READ ONLY - which means that Levitate’s integration call pull, but not push data to HawkSoft. 

What we pull:

  • Contact Name, Address, Email, Phone
  • Birthdays (key fact)
  • HawkSoft Client ID (key fact)
  • Policy Expirations (key facts)
  • Client vs. Prospect (tag) 
  • Policies (tags) 
  • HawkSoft Producer or CSR Initials (tag) 


Enable the Levitate Integration

To enable the integration, you'll work with your Success Manager to map your Producers or CSRs to your users in Levitate. This guide walks you through the first step, to enable the integration from the HawkSoft Marketplace.

Enable the integration from the HawkSoft Marketplace:

Log in to your HawkSoft Agency Management System.
Click the Gear icon in the top right, then select Marketplace:

From there, navigate to the listing for Levitate 

Check the box stating that you have read the Terms of Service 

Click the button to Share Data

This will add the agency to Levitate’s integrated agency list so that we can start syncing the data on a nightly basis. HawkSoft recommends you give it ~24 hours to go into effect.

Troubleshooting Tip: 

It’s possible that your agency has not yet opted in to HawkSoft Data Sync. This is required for our (and any) integration – and is just a couple extra steps to set up. For more information on the HawkSoft Data Sync, see:  http://help.hawksoftinc.com/webhelp/409hso/default.htm#Data_in_Cloud/HawkSoft_Data_Sync.htm

First, enable Marketplace

  • In HawkSoft, click on the Gear icon in the top right
  • Select Marketplace
  • Follow the prompts to enable Marketplace

Second, opt in to HawkSoft Data Sync

  • Again, click on the Gear icon in the top right
  • Select Marketplace
  • Review the Terms & Conditions for HawkSoft Data Sync

  • Check the box confirming consent to T&Cs, and click Activate
  • Follow the prompts to opt in to HawkSoft Data Sync
  • Close and restart HawkSoft CMS

Lastly, enable the Levitate Integration per above.

Grab your agency ID:

To find your Agency ID, click the Tools icon and then select Upload System Information

The ClientID will be nested under your <Agency> information. 

Make a note of this ID for your Success Manager.

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