This article walks new users through your initial Levitate log in. There are a few versions of this walk-through, depending on your email server. No worries if you are not sure which of the below servers you use, just keep clicking and find the screenshot that looks right. Of course, our support@levitateapp.com team is happy to help if you run into questions!

Levitate for Office365 Users

Before we get started

  • If you have not received a welcome email from Levitate, reach out to your Levitate Admin to request access


Now that you have the Welcome E-mail, let’s get started

1. Click the Set up your account button.

2. Add the First and Last Name you want colleagues to see in Levitate.

3. Create the Levitate Password that you want use when signing in to Levitate

4. Enter your e-mail address and e-mail password. (Note some companies require company\username + password). 

5. Decide how often you want to dedicate to updating Levitate. Click the Next: Set up Email Signature button

6. Click the Copy Link button

7. Open your e-mail account and create a new e-mail message

8. Paste the link in the To field of your e-mail message. This is the link that you copied from Levitate. 

9. Ensure your signature is included in the body of the message.

10. Click the Send button. Our Levitate Magic will make sure your e-mail signature appears in your Levitate sends. 

11. Pick a few tags to easily reference when adding new folks. These will only be applied when you choose them each time a contact is created. You can also decide how often you want to keep in touch with folks in each tag group. 

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