Insurance - Latest Releases

Integrations we now have: Hawksoft, Vertafore (AMS360 and QQCatalyst), NASA, Epic (BETA), EZLynx, Office 365, Gmail, Outlook

We can also build lead parsers for customers who receive leads or prospects in their email. 

Existing lead parsers:Forge3, Dave Ramsey ELP, Trusted Choice, Wizard Calls, Datalot, Everquote

  • Automations have evolved.(launched June - Aug ‘21) → A sampling of things we can now do:
    • Renewal automations - Remind clients that it’s time to renew their policies without having to keep track of it all yourself. You can even choose how far in advance you want to send them now, so if 90 days before is better for you, or 30 days works well, you have options!
    • Birthday automations - Automatically send personalized birthday wishes that feel special.
    • Medicare automations - If Medicare is part of your business offerings, quickly set up an automation to let clients know it’s time for Medicare once they turn 65.
    • Leads- If you’re getting leads from your website or another paid service, we’ve improved the functionality so that you can automate your responses and reach your leads quicker than ever.
    • Texting - You can even set up texting for certain automations, like birthdays, renewals and new clients, to contact your clients in a personal and authentic way. (Must be driven by an integration)
  • Content Alerts (launched March ‘21) →  One great new feature of Levitate is our Content Alerts. We take the work out of finding relevant content to share for your specific line of business by notifying you proactively with Content Alerts. We’ll do the work and deliver easy-to-send campaigns right to your (virtual) doorstep. Some examples of content alerts you’ll receive:
    • Current event content after natural disasters, such as hurricanes or floods, or trending news, like vehicle price increases and shortages, etc.
    • Seasonal and holiday content to keep your campaigns timely
    • New and updated industry-specific content that’s relevant to your clients
  • Segments (launched Sept ‘21)→  You now have the ability to create segments when building out automations. For example, automatically round out monolines prior to renewal, or send welcome kits tailored to types of products you have. This is a great way to personalize even further without having to stay on top of it daily yourself. Just set up your automations and let Levitate do the work!
  • Send campaigns to individuals without having to tag them first (launched Aug ‘21) We’ve added the ability for you to search and add individuals as recipients for your campaigns as well as the option to send yourself a test email before sending anything out to your contacts.
  • Texting (launched Aug ‘21) →  While we believe email marketing should be your primary communication method there are times where a text can help clients feel an extra level of personal touch. Our new texting feature allows you to easily text from a dedicated phone number (not your personal line) to send birthday wishes, check-in after a natural disaster, remind clients of appointments, and more.
  • Meeting Booking (launched June ‘21) →  Levitate users can quickly and easily invite clients to a meeting right from their dashboard or share a link via email to streamline outreach. The solution functions exactly like other meeting scheduling tools you may have used, such as Calendly--and now, you can get it all from Levitate. (Google, Office365, and Exchange users)
  • Ability to Spread Out Sends (launched May ‘21)→ We know your time is valuable, which is why we’ve added the option to spread out the sending of a campaign across multiple days rather than simply all at once. Doing so will grant you more time to manage the responses you receive and get back to your clients.
  • Option to Allow HTML Newsletters to Send From Client’s Email Provider (launched May ‘21) → If you’re a fan of our HTML newsletter templates, or are interested in giving them a try, know that you now have the ability to decide whether to send them through your email provider or ours.
  • Smart salutations now show both names of couples who share an email address if imported from Redtail (launched March ‘21)🡪 If you’re a user of our Redtail integration and have contacts comprised of spouses who share a primary email address, our smart salutation will now show both of their names in the {{first name}} merge field. 
  • Our Outlook plug-in is adding new functionality (launched March ‘21)  🡪You’ll now have the option to continuously track with Levitate and save current emails as notes in the app